Yes, it finally came to fruition. After many years of struggle the Eagle Lake Golf Course has implemented the new fully functioning Toro golf irrigation project. The irrigation has made an immediate positive impact on the course and the condition should only improve with time. As most of you know, this project could not have been possible without the generosity, cooperation and support from The Wintermann Foundation, The First National Bank, certain individuals, and the diligence and perseverance of the ELRC Board. Also, the patience and encouragement from the membership was of great importance.


Among other items, our next major project is to utilize the irrigation to assist in optimizing the greens. The greens have seen a significant improvement but now we have the ability to make even greater enhancements.

We would be remiss if we did not mention those individuals that donated their time, effort and materials to install the previous irrigation system many years ago.. It served its purpose for many years and kept the golf course alive until we were able to transition to the new system.

The Eagle Lake Golf Course Pro Shop….

Most everyone may be aware that Richard Laughlin acquired the Pro Shop from Dave & Jane Meldahl during the first quarter of 2017. Richard has put in many hours to make changes to insure the clubhouse continues to be a welcoming and enjoyable place of business.

Richard worked at The Falls Golf and Country Club for a number of years and he will also serve as our Head Pro. Not only a club champion for many years, Richard is an experienced and excellent golf instructor and will be available to provide lessons to anyone interested.

Dave & Jane Meldahl provided many years of faithful and reliable service as the previous proprietors.

The ELRC is most appreciative of their service and dedication and wish them the best.


During this transition period the ELRC is considering a more efficient manner of invoicing and collecting dues. We realize some of you may not have received your 2017 invoice. Please be patient as we are working on that issue fastidiously and will have it worked out in the very near future. The golf course depends almost entirely on memberships and without revenue from the members the golf course could not be sustained. So, please pay your dues faithfully. We have tried to be as lenient as possible over the years but we will now have to be certain dues are current before allowing playing privileges. This policy is put in place to insure the course is maintained and to be fair to one and all.


After holding a three stroke lead after Sunday’s round, Russell Spalinger succumbed to the pressure and allowed Richard Laughlin, Charlie Sosa and Brad Dumont back in contention. After a difficult front nine Brad Dumont made a miraculous eagle and then finished with a birdie flurry to snatch victory and take the 2016 Club Championship. Congratulations Brad!! Check it Out!!!…

The Eagle Lake Golf Course and Recreation Center has developed its own website. Bookmark the site and use it to check out the latest at the course. You can get up-to-the-minute information on everything about the course, including course condition, weather, availability, calendar of events, and so much more. You can also use it to sign up for ELRC scrambles and tournaments. Also current announcements and newsletters will be published through the website. If you’re out of town take a look at the site to make sure there is open play before driving to the course. Thanks to Amy for the beautiful photographs.

District Champions!!! Congratulations to the Rice CISD Boys Golf Team. What a great year they had winning several tournaments and playing in the Regional Tournament. The future looks bright for Coach Spoon and the team with several top golfers returning and some very promising talent coming in. It should be another great year. We are pleased to be the home course for the Rice CISD Boys & Girls golf teams. You made us proud.

Let’s All Do Our Part…

Now that the fairways and greens have irrigation and the condition is improving, let’s do our part to help maintain them. If you have your own cart, carry a container of sand to fill your divots in the fairway. And take the time to fill any nearby divots you see. Sand is available for this use and is located by the well house in the corner of the course near number 6 green. Also, repair your ball divots on the green and any other divots you find. And if you see some trash, cans or small limbs on the course take the time to pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Not only are these small actions considered good golf etiquette but they make an amazing difference in the quality , condition and appearance of the course.

Due to very limited resources, the golf course has a very limited labor force to maintain the course. In fact, it is mostly done by volunteers who work very hard keeping the course ready for play seven days a week, 365 days a year. Any assistance you can provide helps out more than you can imagine.

The ELRC is very appreciative of our members and guests that help out. We have a course that we can all be proud of and your help and support only makes it better. Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the game of golf in Eagle Lake with your friends and family and when you can, introduce others to the Eagle Lake Golf Course.

On behalf of the ELRC, Happy Golfing!! Hit ‘Em Well and most importantly…..

Have Fun